Why Build Something New In This Recession?

The right people will still buy, and the recession will end at some point. We're good.

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Nobody is buying anything. What are you doing?!?!

I can't tell you how many times that's been asked since I announced I'm starting Mobly. It's a scary economy, that's 100% for certain. I get that.

But I disagree with the notion that people aren't buying...

Sure, maybe they'll slow the purchase of the nice-to-haves. The things that their team can't prove will make them money.

Look, I'm a realist. I understand I'm not curing cancer or pioneering a colony on Mars. But I am building something that very clearly will make our customers money. CFOs care about those things and will invest in the tools that can prove it. If we can get your handshake-to-CRM process down from the 11 day norm to 11 seconds, you will make money. Your lead to opp rate will be higher. Your lead to won rate will be higher. Your ROI from each event you sponsor and attend will be higher. So now the onus is on us to just build the platform.

Even the worst economic cycles end at some point.

The dot com bubble burst in 2000. You know what came immediately after? Facebook. YouTube. Netflix.

The housing market crashed in 2008. You know what came immediately after? Some of the biggest gains in the real estate industry in history. (fun fact, PHX and Vegas were two of the hardest hit metros in '08, and are now two of the strongest.)

Everybody did panic-layoffs 3 years ago when we didn't know what to expect with Covid. I was a victim of it myself. 4 months later, I joined a company with better pay and a bigger title/role. It all worked out.

So I'm really not that scared. Better to be in control of my own destiny, than being a very expensive cog in a machine that might slash budgets any day now.

So I'm going to flip that first question back on the people questioning my smarts. I ask you:

Wouldn't it be better to be heads down, cranking out a product so we can be that much further ahead when companies start spending again?

It takes a startup 6-9 months to get real, tangible traction. There are lots of people predicting we will be starting to come out of this downturn by the end of the year. Seems like pretty dang good timing to me.

Nobody knows the future, but we can all look at historical trends. While all our competitors are cutting costs and stopping development of new stuff, we're building the most impactful thing we've ever built. One that solves personal pain I've experienced hundreds of times, and one that we genuinely enjoy solving. We're gonna pass those other companies right up if we play our cards right.

If you're called to do something in life, fate does not care about the timing.

Truth be told, I'd be building this in any economic climate. Every waking moment I'm not spending with my family or in church, I'm thinking about this. Most of my sleeping moments too.

When I met my wife, it was similar. She was all I could think about. Even early on, when we were both still dating around, she was the only one on my mind. 14 years later, I'd say it worked out pretty well.

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