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Introducing Mobly, Your Best Friend for Face to Face Businessing

Kris Jenkins
June 26, 2024

Sales tools have come a long way.

Were you alive when salespeople used rotary phones and the yellow pages to prospect? Crazy to think that was just a few decades ago! Now we've got amazing CRMs like Salesforce and Pipedrive. We use Marketing Automation Platforms like Hubspot and Pardot. Sales Engagement Platforms like Salesloft and Outreach have become indispensable parts of a revenue organization. ExecVision, Gong and Chorus have ushered in Conversation Intelligence. I seriously don't know where my life would be without these platforms. It's laughable when you think about it....

Manager "Is your pipeline clean?"

Rep "I mean....I deleted all the lost deals from the spreadsheet so they don't muddy my forecast...."

Manager "WTF, bro!?! How are we supposed to nurture them if you delete them?!?!?!"

Rep "Uh....I just sell stuff. I don't provide their groceries."

Seriously, we'd all be screwed without these tools. We'd be less efficient, less predictable, and less happy in our work. I freaking love the Sales Acceleration category.

But there is a gaping hole in the dragon's armor...

What happens when a rep doesn't have their computer handy?

I've interviewed 30 CROs and VPs of Sales over the past few months. Based on their responses, we estimate that roughly 25% of sales activity never makes it into the CRM!

And here is the real kicker - The biggest culprits are your best reps! The ones who have been selling for years before Gong blew our minds with the sheer amount of data they had. They're the reps that are spending half their time in the field, meeting with buyers over lunch. The ones walking trade show floors. They build trust with their customers and give them their personal cell to help key accounts avoid phone trees if they ever need anything. They're the highest producers. The ones you'd kill to replicate.

But you can't.

Not really.

Not without knowing what they are actually doing.

So what do you do? Force them to spend a few hours every day manually logging everything they've done up until that point? Yeah right. Those road warriors wanna rest. They want to call their spouses, or maybe head to the hotel bar and grab a drink to help them unwind. They want to kick their shoes off and turn on a basketball game.

And they've earned it.

I'll ask again. So what do you do?

You give them tools that do the busy work for them. And that's where Mobly comes in. We're helping those rock stars focus on revenue-driving activities by making it easy to capture leads, sync with their CRM, and log engagement. All from the only tool they really ever want to use....their cell phone.

We're launching our beta soon and would love to chat if you want to try it!