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Field Marketing: Where the Magic Happens!

Kris Jenkins
June 26, 2024

Alright, folks, let's talk field marketing – the real magic of the marketing world! No kidding, this stuff is challenging, but our field marketers are on top of their game. They're event curators, lead whisperers, responsible for generating and nurturing those precious new contacts, but they've got a whole lot more on their plate than that….From selecting events, to getting booth properties and swag ready, to cleaning, de-duping, enriching, and finally, assigning leads to the perfect sales rep – it's a complex and fascinating journey filled with ups and downs.

First up – building the strategy and securing budget for all field events, securing booth properties and ordering swag and training the field teams on the messaging, approach, and lead capture process. This is an all-consuming effort and requires finesse, creativity and an appetite for risk. These events can cost hundreds of thousands of dollars and executives expect a hefty return on those investments.

Next on the list – capturing leads. Picture field marketers as those skillful treasure hunters, out there collecting contact information from potential customers who are showing interest in what they've got to offer. It's like grabbing opportunities out of thin air! But, hey, it's not as easy as it sounds. They need to be on high alert, making sure every detail is accurate and nothing's missing. No one wants to end up emailing the wrong prospect, right?

Then comes the cleaning and de-duping part. It's like playing the data detective game – field marketers sorting out the mess, removing duplicates, and making everything nice and tidy. Sure, they've got software tools to lend a helping hand, but it still takes some elbow grease and an eye for detail.

Next, we've got the enriching stage – the secret sauce that turns leads into gold. Field marketers are like info gatherers, adding all the juicy tidbits to the lead record, making it a goldmine for their sales reps. It's like handing them a cheat sheet for acing the sales pitch. But here's the kicker – finding reliable sources for this extra info can be a bit of a puzzle. Our field marketers have to dig deep, ensuring the data is top-notch.

And finally, the thrilling finale – assigning leads to the perfect sales rep match. Imagine field marketers as matchmakers, pairing up leads and sales reps like a boss. It's all about striking the right balance – territories, expertise, and workloads. They've got automation to lend a hand, but they still have to double-check that everything's in perfect harmony.

But here's the real challenge – time! The quicker they get everything done, the better! You see, if they dilly-dally, those leads might turn ice-cold, and that's a no-go zone. Our field marketers are like the Usain Bolts of marketing, racing against time to get the job done and dusted.

So, hats off to these unsung heroes of marketing! Field marketers bring their A-game, streamlining the process, and putting their focus on what truly matters – turning leads into loyal customers. It's not just magic; it's skill, dedication, and a pinch of charisma. And there you have it – field marketing, where the real magic happens! 🎩🌟