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3 Tips To Improve Trade Show ROI

Zach Barney
June 26, 2024

For a lot of industries, it's the start of trade show season. Here are 3 quick tips to ensure your events actually pay for themselves.

1-Don't wait till after the show to start engaging. While at Teem, Brian Bond and I devised a system where we would text the day's leads that night and invite them back to the booth for a formal demo next day. It killed!

2-Don't drip market (yet)!!!! People are getting scanned by dozens of others that send the generic "thanks for stopping by our booth, want a demo?" messages. Stand out by personalizing your cadences for the first few touches.

3-Don't do lame swag. Be unique. Unique doesn't mean expensive, in fact there isn't a whole lot of data that would suggest win rates improve when the swag is more expensive. But if you're trying to be memorable and attract people in, give people something they don't see at every other booth.

Pens and lip balm? Bad. Slap bracelets and bluetooth key finders? Good!

Bonus: T-shirts are still awesome. The trick is to not make em fugly or with cheap material. I still wear some tees given to me 7 or 8 years ago at shows.

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