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Introducing Mobly, a New Mobile-First SaaS Application to Capture Qualified Leads and Get Them in CRM in Seconds

coverage ran last week

Mobile software startup, Mobly, introduced its new application for B2B companies to drive a faster and more accurate lead capture process.

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Mobly introduced its new application for B2B companies

coverage ran last week

Easily capture contacts from any event and seamlessly integrate them into CRM and marketing automation platforms for immediate follow-up

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New Mobly App Enables Exhibitors To Accelerate The Lead Capture And Follow-Up Process

coverage ran from Lisa Plummer Savas

Exhibiting companies now have a new way to scan badges and generate leads at trade shows thanks to Utah-based mobile software startup Mobly, a mobile-first SaaS platform that captures leads and instantly integrates them into customer relationship management (CRM) and marketing automation platform (MAP) systems for immediate follow-up.

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Revolutionize Your B2B Lead Capture with Mobly's Game-Changing Mobile App

coverage ran from Dave Mecham

In a game-changing move for business-to-business (B2B) companies, mobile software startup Mobly has unveiled its innovative application designed to streamline the lead capture process.

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Mobly Launches App for Rapid Lead Capture at In-Person Events

coverage ran from Mark Tullis

Founded in 2023, Mobly is a mobile-first software platform to capture qualified leads at in-person events and get these leads into CRM and marketing automation systems more quickly.

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